Picture +Plus History

I opened Picture +Plus in October 1995 offering photographic business cards, postcards and magnets. In addition to these promos, customers began asking for promotional pens, calendars, coffee mugs, and other imprinted promos for their businesses. Seeing a greater demand for traditional promotional products, I began searching for the best manufacturers across the country with the best products & pricing to fit my customers needs. While I still offer photo business cards, postcards, & magnets, traditional promotional products are what businesses want.

You Always Talk To The Owner

Picture +Plus is a 1 person operation . . . me. Whether you want to talk to sales, accounting, the owner, or the janitor, you talk to the same person. ME! You won't get shuffled from person to person, department to department, I'll work with you on your order from start to delivery. My goal is to provide you with the product you order & the look you approved. I want you to be positively surprised at the quality of the promos, how your printed information looks. & how easy it was to order. If at any part of the sales/order/delivery process, you have questions, let me know. I want to provide excellent customer service & create a long-term business relationship, not just make a sale.

YOU Are My Boss

When you contact me about promotional products, I'll ask questions to find out more information about your needs. Sometimes the best options will come up on this website. Sometimes, I'll suggest what I believe is a better option based on our conversation & my experience. I'll provide you with the pros & cons, so you can make an informed decision. Once you decide, I'll place your order with my suppliers who do the printing &/or manufacturing. I'll keep you updated on delivery and make sure your order meets with your approval after delivery.

Contact me with any questions about promotional products. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you to help promote your business.


Larry Ducommun